Sunday, February 4, 2024

Do We Know Our Needs?

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Hymn #305
Hymn #831
Hymn #537
Communion Liturgy
Hymn #795
Hymn #549

Sermon Notes

By Rev. Preston Shealy

Isaiah 40:27-31; Mark 1:29-3

It is easy for us to get so caught up in the expectations of everyone around us that we lose track of our purpose in life and forget our self-care. Jesus knew this feeling as the crowds followed him and expected so much of him. Jesus, however, also knew that he needed to care for his own needs in order to fulfill his purpose on earth. Do we know our purpose in life? What do we need to do fulfill that purpose in our life?  Let’s see what we can learn from Jesus as we seek to live as his disciples.

Music Notes

By Kenneth Jones


Introit: Referencing the final verse of our Old Testament scripture, “You Who Dwell in the Shelter of the Lord”.

Opening Hymn: Suggested hymn for the liturgical calendar, the text of “Come Sing, O Church, in Joy!” won a hymn competition that was sponsored by the PCUSA Bicentennial Committee, paired with a celebratory 18th century tune.

Transition Hymn: “I Depend Upon Your Faithfulness”

Special Music: Appropriate for Communion Sunday, the choir presents “For the Bread Which You Have Broken” by Lloyd Larson.

Preparation Hymn: Our communion hymn for 2024, “When at This Table”.

Sending Hymn: As our sending hymn we sing the one hymn which references our New Testament scripture from Mark 1:29-39. This sung prayer deals not just with personal physical healing, but also with also the larger and intangible gifts of peace and hope.

Benediction: Our benediction for the next two Sundays is “May the Love of the Lord”.